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Most ticket sites these days rip you off with surprise "service fees" snuck in at checkout. Dozens, sometimes hundreds of dollars, piled on by the big name sites just because they can.

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Event Qty x Section / Row : Stubhub: You Save:
Chiefs vs Chargers - 12/16 3x Sideline 116, Row 23 $405 $472 $67
Lakers vs Pelicans - 4/11 2x Mid 216, Row M $187 $215 $28
Red Hot Chili Peppers - 5/13 2x MC 110, Row 9 $577 $682 $105
Prices as of 2/1/2017

Wide Selection

Ticket Club sources its tickets from one of the world's largest and most reliable exchanges.

You just pay far less for the same seats than you would elsewhere.

100% Guarantee

Once your order is accepted, we guarantee your tickets will be valid and shipped in time for the event.

Full details can be found on our guarantee page here.

Why it works

Ticket Club can be so much cheaper because we keep paid advertising to a minimum. The big name sites have mammoth marketing budgets - and they make you pay for them.
We don't. It's that simple.

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        You can get a premier membership at checkout, or sign up now here.