A perk for our friends at Microsoft

If you've bought tickets to go see a game, concert or show lately, you know the frustration.

You think you're paying one price, and then the ticketing site slams a huge fee on top - often deep into checkout, in hopes that you won't have time to start over elsewhere.

Ticket Club does away with that practice. Members get tickets with no service fees at all, saving dozens (or even hundreds) of dollars on every order.

And as an employee of Microsoft, you can join for free. See the sidebarthe section below to learn how to sign up.

Show Tickets Ticket Club StubHub Save:
Trans-Siberian 12/16 3x Sec 209 $245 $265 $20
Disney on Ice 12/27 3x Sec 107 $224 $259 $35
Twenty-One Pilots 1/17 4x Sec 225 $248 $308 $60
Bulls v Raptors 1/7 3x Sec 317 $293 $328 $35

Getting your free account is easy!

1) Make an account with your company email address.

2) Verify your address by clicking the link in the welcome email sent to you.

3) You're all set - Get your tickets through Ticket Club and save yourself from fees!

Microsoft Quick Facts
Stock Symbol:MSFT
CEO:Satya Nadella
Headquarters:Redmond, WA

Since its founding in 1975, Microsoft has become a global leader in software, technology, and devices to help businesses and individuals alike find solutions to complex issues and reach full potential. Microsoft products have become recognized worldwide for contributions towards advancing schools, businesses, and recreation and entertainment purposes.

Mircrosoft's premier software, Windows, has evolved since its beginning and now powers over 300 million computers, tablets, and mobile phones. Microsoft's own line of devices have revolutionized computer performance and continuously work to make them stand apart from their competitors. Major corporations and average people have trusted Microsoft with all their technological and communication needs through a variety of programs and devices, including everything from Microsoft Office and Bing, to the Microsoft Lumia smart phone and Xbox gaming system.

Microsoft has been a mainstay in the technology industry and will continue to use innovative ideas to shape the future of lives and businesses worldwide.